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River Report; August 30th 2020

River Report; August 30th 2020

  • August 30, 2020
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Big river around the area are still low on average, and warm. You can find cooler water temps as you get closer to their head waters. Mountain Brooks are skinny, but have temps in the mid to upper 60’s.

Some water sheds have received a fresh shot of precip in the way of a Tstorm, however most of these have done little to increase levels. Fortunately these last couple of days of August and 1st week of September will feel like fall to at least cool things down. Unfortunately there is no rain in the future forecast.

Green mountain brook trout

Are guides know where the cool water is and the trout fishing has been good. My favorite hatch “Isonychia”, has begun and the bow have been all over the nymphs. Trout love all phases of this hatch as they put on the feed bag to prepare for winter. Iso’s are the last of the large May flies for this season. Last week we had some good hatch’s of flying ants. If you got out and you were in the right place, hello feeding frenzy. Now that the trout are really tuned into ants be sure to throw them if the fishing is slow.

Iso eater

September marks the time when Landlocked salmon, brown and brook trout all start to think about spawning. Any good flush of rain from now until the end of November will have this species moving to their spawning grounds making them susceptible to a fly. During this same time period Vermont becomes one the the best places in the Northeast to fish because of Lake Champlain and the diversity of fish you can catch with a fly.

Learn to fly fish

Stream and Brook offers a number of services to get you started in the world of fly fishing as well as guiding you to some of the seasons best fishing. If you’ve been holding off on booking a trip because you don’t know when the time is right. The time is right now!, and there is plenty of time left.