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River Report: Friday May 10th, 2019

River Report: Friday May 10th, 2019

  • May 10, 2019
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Jean, with her 1st trout on her first time fly fishing. Looks like fun.

Hopefully you had a chance to fish this past week. Waters to the north seem to be fairing better than those in the south. Monday, the Lamoille in Hyde Park was mostly clear, perfect level and 53 on the main stem. We took a temperature reading from a small trib and it was 48. Still a decent amount of snow in the mountains, which has gradually be contributing cool water to the system. In the south the Otter is still high with areas of minor flooding.

Rain today has already tallied up to 1.2 inches in my rain gauge in Westford. The water gauge in Johnson has been going straight up since this morning. Mother’s Day weekend will be cool and day with limited sunshine. This rain could put a damper on the river fishing in certain location over the weekend. Then Monday we start another rainy and cool week, however rain should be on the lite side per event so conditions should slowly improve. Be sure you have the USGS for river conditions in VT bookmark, and become familiar with it and when your favorite water has fishable levels. Having a thermometer is important as well. It can help you determine when the water is right for better fish activity. I’d rather fish 53 degrees than 48, but I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t have my thermometer.

Dinah, learning to manage her line in heavy riffles.

While condition where good last week, so was the fishing. Seemed like everything was on the feed. Lots of women getting out this days and having success. Also, had a couple of 1 day schools purchased by thoughtful husbands. Most fish were caught on streamer type flies like slumpbusters and woolly buggers. There was a hatch of gey caddis observed and some browns were fooled by the a picket pin. Look for Hendrickson’s (Ephemerella subvaria)to start hatch in the afternoon. They are the first may fly of any real importance. They are larger so they will lure fish to the surface for dry fly opportunities

For a tackle busting experience, Lake Champlain run smallies.

Pike can be fooled now, however another week or two when waters lower and warm, these toothy predators will be post spawn and ready to put on the feed bag. If you’ve never chased Pike on the fly, it’s the change of pace that could change your life. We have some of the best pike guides/instructors in the state. We supply all you’ll need if you want to give it a try. You’ll be casting, 8 and 9 weight rods, with 6 to 9 inch streamers, attached to a wire leader to try to catch fish 25 -40+inches with a bad attitude and a set off teeth to match.

Pike on the fly is heating up

With the season just beginning, now is a great time to friend/like us on facebook and instagram for more great info on fishing in Vermont. While you are at it, invite all of your friends. You all have friends on the different social media outlets and I’m sure some of them are fly fishers that would love to check out the action with Stream and Brook. Get the word out that the action is HOT in Vermont