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River Report: Friday May 17th 2019

River Report: Friday May 17th 2019

  • May 17, 2019
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Spawning Lake Champlain smallie

Welcome to everyone coming to Vermont for graduation weekend. The weekend weather is looking good for commencement activities and for making a few casts to fish that are increasing there feeding activity. If you are looking for some fun activity while visiting, we have some guides available for 2 and 4 hour outing. Just enough time so family won’t miss you and back in time for prior obligations.

This week has has been much like the last three. Cooler than average air temps (we broke a daily low high on May 14th, 39 degrees) many locations in Vermont got at least a trace of snow that day, and some got up to a half foot. We had precip almost everyday, but not enough to make rivers unfishable. On the contrary, water levels have been going down and most waters are clear. We did receive about .2 inches of rain last night and that looks to be it until late Sunday when we start the cycle over again for next week. Air temps look to be getting warmer next week as well water temps. Most water temps are still only in the high 40’s to low to mid 50’s.

Trout stocking trucks have been on the move

During this week we’ve seen the list of rivers getting stock with trout increasing. We’ve also noticed the smallmouth bass leaving Lake Camplain and entering her tribs for their spawning run. This is the time of year to go after your largest smallie of the year if not your lifetime. It’s not uncommon to catch a 5-6 lb now, it’s also not uncommon to leave the river with a sore arm and wrist from battling a bunch of 2-4 pounders.

We’ve been observing Hendricksons, tan caddis and small black stones hatching but no surface sipping trout. You’ll still have more success swinging streamers and dead drifting nymphs. For nymphs; Small Princes, tan hare’s ear, and Pheasant tails are a must, streamers of white and olive have been most productive recently. A good selection of woolly buggers in different sizes and colors are a must for now and all season. Surface activity will increase as water temp increases. Make sure you have some Hendrickson, March Brown dries. Elk hair caddis and Xcaddis in tan, grey and olive will be important soon.