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River Report July 13th

River Report July 13th

  • July 13, 2021
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Hopper eater in fast water yesterday

River Report July 13th

Fallfish on the fly are a blast

Recent rain and some cool night time temps has the rivers in great shape. The Trout seem happy, healthy and hungry!
Had clients out recently for Brookies way up in the Green Mountain National Forrest.

Great looking GMNF Brook Trout

It was ideal : cold water and a tad high but great clarity. The family has visited every state and VT was the last one to complete them all. We used some hopper dropper combos and single dry flies. Right off one grabbed the dads mini Copper John fished under a Dave’s Hopper. Then the teenager son caught a stunning Brookie on a Ausable Wulff. He later caught another one on a BZ Green Caddis dry fly. He was so excited! A few other explosions on hoppers added to the excitement. We highly recommend a Brook Trout trip this Summer! They are a blast to target on 3wts and live in beautiful places.

Cooler water temperatures and improved water levels also have us chasing Browns and Rainbows in medium sized streams as well. I’m still mostly using hopper dropper rigs on these streams but adding much bigger nymphs. Lots of Stoneflies on the rocks right now. The Golden Stone and Turd Fly are a good choice to start with. I have great luck using oversized foam hoppers that are in crazy colors especially in fast moving water.

The Bass and Pike fishing is perfect right now as the big rivers have cooled off a tad and the water levels are still up from a few big rain storms. The lakes/ponds are prime this time of year. From beginners to pros targeting Fallfish on the fly is a great time as well. They fight hard and hit flies with authority.

Pike flies aka meat locker

Book a trip soon! -BC

Fun fishing right till dark. This was at 8pm