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River Report July 19th, 2022

River Report July 19th, 2022

  • July 20, 2022
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Stealth is key

Rivers to the north of rt 2 got the lions share of rain yesterday. My gauge in Westford put us at all most 1.25 inches. Lamoille was up, Browns river was up, and brown. water temps before the rain were in the low 70s on many large and mid size streams before the rain. Good chance of afternoon tstorms with highs highs in the low 90s tomorrow . No amount of rain will cool that down.

While larger streams are pushing above 70. Our guides know where brooks run clean and cool, most of the time. Brook trout, although small in stature, are beautiful and love taking dries with veracity on triple H days. Being stealthy, making accurate casts in a tight canopy is key. Brookies will humble you if your not paying attention. You have to get into your zen if you want to hook up more regularly. Focus on every cast. practice making accurate, short casts in the yard at home . Brookies are often right where you expect them, however making the great cast to a pie plate size spot is a challenge and makes it fun.

This is the time of year where water temps and levels can come into play for CR anglers targeting trout. Not so for CK anglers. They can fish anytime legally so we should consider that before judging.

CR fly fishers carry a thermometer and fish elsewhere when temps are to high. If we don’t get some more water and cooler temps our brooks will be to warm and low. Take some time to chase some warm water species. We’ve already been making that move, getting clients on bass, pike, pickerel and fall fish.

Green Mountain gem

Plenty of summer and fall availability for guided trips and instructional schools.