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River Report: July 31st, 2020

River Report: July 31st, 2020

  • July 31, 2020
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River conditions in Vermont vary a great deal, particularly North vs South. The south has been getting a good amount of precip, and the north has been getting hit or miss rain that has been opening some water ways with decent flows, which have been dropping temps if for only a day or two.

The weather outlook is finally getting back to more average temps, and starting Sunday we get into an unsettled pattern which typically means more rain, cloud cover and below average air temps.

People have been asking why the “river report” page hasn’t been getting updated very often. The answer is simple, the travelers and tourists, that the river report is meant for, aren’t coming to Vermont due to the corona virus. I’m very happy that our friends in Vermont read the river report, but if you are a local than you know the river conditions, probably better than I do, in your area on any given day.

During the beginning of the “ stay home, stay safe” order, and best part of the fishing season, we had no trips, no schools and no lessons. As corona cases have decreased and the spigot has been opened, we have been getting business, mostly from locals who are looking to learn, either through a lesson or a school. some just what to fish new waters or a species of fish they’ve never targeted. We sure do appreciate the business that Vermonters have given us.

Part of our CDC regiment

Now the spigot is opened wider and we are getting some tourists who have turned a week vacation into two weeks in order to quarantine, and are looking to get on the water during their stay. Of course we are following all CDC guidelines, which we have practiced on ourselves and the clients we’ve had thus far, so we are ready. I’ve said all along, fishing lend toward social distancing so it has been easy.

Fishing has been good. If you can follow the precip the trout fishing , particularly brook trout, has been really good after just a little rise in level. Temps on all mountain brooks have been in the mid 60’s. Successful patterns have been; #12 Royal coachmen, stimulators, JSP, and picket pinn.

Jamie with a Green Mtn. Gem

One of our newest guides, Jamie Eisenberg, has been putting in the time finding great opportunities for our clients. She took me to one of those earlier this week and it was a ton of fun with our Orvis Superfine 3wts. I’m told it was 90 degrees that day. We would have never known, we were up the side of a mountain in the shade, wading in 65 deg water.

Warm water species are always fun this time of year. After a little casting instruction, Brian Cadoret got Mike and his son Charles on to some bass and decent fall fish. These species are super fun on a fly rod and a great option when trout waters are to warm for CR.