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River Report: July 7, 2019

River Report: July 7, 2019

  • July 7, 2019
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Rivers up and down the state got a fresh drink, of much need, water yesterday. The rain came in the form of thunderstorms and was heavy but short in duration. The range was from a 1/2 inch to the north, to 1 1/4 inch in central and southern sections. The cold front that cause the weather yesterday, also brought temps and humidity way down to a lows over night in the mid to upper 40’s and the high today in Westford VT only 74.

Before the rain and cooler temps, big rivers were in the low 70’s for at least a portion of the day. So, while all this weather may not be good for fishing today due to high and dirty water, it will be for later this week as water temps will back to healthy catch and release conditions. Yup, we are firmly entrenched in summer conditions where a thermometer is a must for ethical C&R anglers, and catch and keep folks need not be concerned or read on.

In short, when water temperatures get over 70 degrees, oxygen does not dissolve as well into the water thus making it hard for fish, particularly trout, to breath. The higher the temp go the harder it gets, and if temps go to 80, trout start to die. If you plan on releasing fish in these conditions, consider that when you catch a fish that is struggling to breath, put them through a good fight, net and unhook them and handle them back into a suffocating environment, it’s tough for them to recover.

Even when water temps are off limits to us on one body of water, temps on small and mid sized streams can be perfect. One of the many reasons to hire a guide, we always know someplace to fish. Last week was a great example as we put plenty of clients on fish on those small mountain stream which are also a great refuge for humans to escape the heat.