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River Report: June 18th, 2020

River Report: June 18th, 2020

  • June 19, 2020
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The farther north you go in Vermont the skinnier the water. We sure need some rain. The beginning of this week was spectacular. All sun, all the time with average air temps and perfect dew points and cool clear night. This all adds up to great trout fishing. Rivers are low, clear and temps have ranged from 60 on the Winooski last Friday to 68 on the Lamoille tonight. Look for these ideal conditions to change as we get set for a string of 3H days that will last thru the weekend. Long range forecast show some signs of precip all next week.

Temps in the 90’s is not good for anything, especially if you get no precipitation mixed in. Water temps will be pushing over 70 on many of the big rivers this weekend. This puts trout is a stressful situation as oxygen doesn’t dissolve into warm water as well as it does in cold. So catching and fighting a trout in water over 70, is not not good them as they are already struggling with respiration. Catch and keep anglers need not read any farther. C&R anglers should carry a thermometer during these times, because if you release a trout back to his stressful environment, there is little chance he will be able to recover.

Just because one section of the stream is 70+ doesn’t mean the whole stream is the same. Having a thermometer can help you find the cool water and where you find the cool water is where you’ll find fish as they will migrate to it.

Luckily, In Vermont we have many options. We have mountain brooks that hold cool temps much of the time and they hold wild Brook, Brown and rainbow trout. We also have the lower sections of rivers that hold Sm. And Lg mouth bass as well as pike and many other species of fish that love the warmer temps.

Fathers Day is this Sunday, and every year folks give gift certificates to their father to either learn how to fly fish or hire a guide for a fun day of trying to fool fish with a fly. The fathers that receive this type of gift always talk about the fact that they got it as gift and how thoughtful it is.