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River Report; June 28, 2021

River Report; June 28, 2021

  • June 28, 2021
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Mother Nature has been riding a seesaw between winter and summer. One week air temps are 20+ degrees warmer than average, the next week drops to 20+ degrees cooler. water temps are following suit as one week water temps are above 70 and the next they get below. I couldn’t come with a better scenario for using a thermometer if you are a C&R fisher.

Precipitation is always on the minds of fishermen and there concern for a heathy fish habit. we have been getting shots of rain up and down the state, so rivers are not in bad shape even though they remain below average. We’ll keep hoping for more.

When the water is to warm for trout, we have plenty of warm water options including fall fish. Many people view these fish, which is the largest in the chub family, as a trash fish. For a fly fisher, especially beginners, these fish eat everything so you can really practice your “catching fish“ skills when you find these guys. They are aggressive towards dry flies which is the way we all like to catch fish and they fight like a trout when they get over 12 inches. I’ve caught them up to 18 inches.


When temps have been below 70, our guides are finding Will trout for their clients. Lots of dry fly action. Most recently, grey elk hair caddis and hoppers. Subsurface Small PT’s and green caddis larva. Bright colored euro nymphs have also be fooling fish.