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River Report: March 31st 2018

River Report: March 31st 2018

  • March 31, 2018
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On the eve of opening day for trout in NY and two weeks from Vermont’s opener, the waters vary from place to place. Water temps state wide are in the upper 30’s, but levels and clarity are not as good in the southern part of the state. Apparently it’s been quite a bit warmer causing a lot of run off. The Otter creek went from a very fishable 800cfs on the 26th to over 2000cfs and mud today. The level is actually not far from average

So what’s new. Fishing in VT this time of year is a crap shoot every year and it probably will be on opening day. Runoff should start to slow as night time temps will be in the low 20’s, however we do have some instability that is expected to hang around starting Tuesday with chances of rain and snow through opening day.

The 10th Annual Otter Creek classic kicks off once again opening day weekend. Stream and Brook will be well represented and a force to be reckoned with in the pro division.