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River Report: October 1, 2020

River Report: October 1, 2020

  • October 1, 2020
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Rivers up and down the state finally got some significant rainfall. Some watershed received close to 3 inches. Most are in the 1-2 inch amounts. Either way the rivers and fish needed it.

Boney water all summer

In a typical year, this type of weather event would have rivers at bank full. This year you’ll have some problems where 3 inches fell. In areas where less than 2 inches fell, you may not even notice it much. We do have another rainmaker in the forecast for Friday with much less precipitation anticipated. Hopefully, this trends us to more regular rainfall for the remainder of the season.

Speaking of the season, this is the time when salmon, browns, and Brook trout like to spawn and many of them are taking advantage of the higher flows to head back home. Targeting these species now can get you the tug of year. In a typical year, meaning, not a drought year, we would already have reports of landlocked salmon and nice browns being caught. Stay tuned, we should start getting into them soon.

It is also the season of the Blue Wing Olive or BWO’s. These little mayflies become a major item a trout’s menu, which starts to increasingly get smaller as fall turns to winter. BWO’s love the cool water temps of the spring and fall. They also love drizzling foggy days that the change of seasons brings.

Some great BWO imitations

There are many different BWO flies that imitate the insect’s life cycle. You’ll need a good pair of eyes to match the hatch. Natural flies are generally in the size 22-20 range. So, having some PT’s to match the nymph, olive soft hackles, SS Olives, and para olives the same sizes is a good start. Size 18-16 will work if fish are not too selective.

Get out this weekend and enjoy Vermont’s fall foliage and great weather. Leave your cares behind, but bring your rod.