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River report: October 18th 2016

River report: October 18th 2016

  • October 18, 2018
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The northern half of the state has finally received some significant precipitation. The Winooski and Lamoille are back to looking like big rivers instead of brook trout streams. This has been a welcome relief for the resident trout population as they have been able to spread out and you can find fish in places other than just the deepest holes.

These rains are the type to get the spawning going. While the salmon bite hasn’t been as good as we would like this time of year. On a daily basis it continues to improve. Many guides and their client have been releasing egg laden browns. One of our guides found a dead 18 inch brown full of eggs on a mid size trib that normally only has Brookies . She noticed two puncture wounds but was baffled on how it got there.

We are at peak foliage in most places in VT, so being outdoors fishing is spectacular right now. Things will change quickly as we are expected to have highs only in the 30’s tomorrow and Sunday, some snow in the higher elevations. Leafs will then become a nuisance as they begin to fall in the water an can get hung up on every cast. Therefore fishing on windy days is not recommended.

Our lady guides have been putting in the time. Jamie had a couple out in the NE Kingdom and had tough conditions with wind and cold. Fishing was just as tough. Jen squeezed in a fellow in southern Vermont and had great conditions and the fishing was excellent. The pics are just a couple of the really nice trout that Jen put him on.

We have guides available this weekend if you want to get out.