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River Report: October 23, 2022

River Report: October 23, 2022

  • October 23, 2022
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October has been Roctober for fly fishers. We have been getting much needed rain which has been great for fall spawning species like Brook and Brown trout as well as landlocked salmon. These fish won’t move to spawning grounds unless they feel comfortable that there will be enough water to make the trip.

We’ve also had spectacular fall foliage and comfortable temperatures for the angler to enjoy their day on the water. Salmon have been taking both nymphs and streamers. Good nymphs to use are euro style, PT’s, prince and BWO imitations. Different styles of streamers have been productive. They can be as simple as a woolly bugger. Good colors are black. White and yellow.

This is when you stand a good chance of catching the largest brown trout of the year as well. Larger trout are moving out of lakes and ponds that they inhabit all summer, to the tributaries in an effort to spawn. Be stealthy when pursuing these bitter bellies. They are pretty skittish in their new environment.

We can outfit most any size group with enough notice. We are well practiced by being the “fun facilitators” for guests stay at the Whistlepig Rye farm. We also do bachelor parties, family reunion, corporate retreats. We have the gear to fish everything from mountain stream brookies to big river pike. October is coming to a close, Good opportunity exist thru December.