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River Report, Rocktober 12, 2020

River Report, Rocktober 12, 2020

  • October 13, 2020
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Landlocks are starting to show

Rivers around the state have been getting a regular dose of water which has made a big difference in the fishing. None of the rain has messed up the clarity, and temps on the big river have been maintaining in the mid 50’s.

Female Landlock

The higher levels have brought on the spawning activity of landlocked salmon and bigger browns. It has allowed the rainbows and all other fish to spread out of the crowded deep holes to find more comfortable lies. Our guides have been getting guests onto fish as well as scouting other waters to find the next run of fish.

Brown trout have also been making their spawning runs too. This time of year you can find big browns in what are typically mountain Brook trout streams. They are voracious feeders while they are spawning. Throwing big high floating hoppers with a big stone fly or Hares ear nymph as a dropper is a great combo.

Big fish. Big fly.
Great early fall fly selection

The pandemic has really put a damper on business for us this year. We are a travel and tourism business, so we depend on people being able to travel to Vermont for all the touristy things that people can do here.

Much of the business we’ve done this year has been with with locals, who have been cooped up and looking for something to do. So we have had experienced anglers looking to fish new waters or learn some new techniques. We’ve also had a bunch of people looking to learn how to fly fish.

Learn to fly fish during a pandemic

We provide 2 hour casting lessons, and 1 or 2 day” Learn How to Fly Fish” schools. The 1 day school helps novice fly fishers to hone their casting skills as well as on stream techniques and strategies. The 2 day school is for beginners who want to know “soup to nuts” about the sport. Everything from casting, gear, flies, knots to on stream techniques and methods as well as basic aquatic entomology.

It’s fun learning to fly fish