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River Report: Sept. 22, 2019

River Report: Sept. 22, 2019

Rivers up and down the state are showing the lack of precip we continue to NOT get. Water temps, on the other hand, are perfect for fish activity and the fish have been active. It felt like summer around here over the weekend with air temps in the low to mid 80’s both days, but water temps are in the low 60’s this morning on the Winooski and will remain in in that range. Rain is what we need. The forecast has rain in it, even a thunder storm is possible Monday afternoon, then another chance of showers and more seasonal temps just in time for the weekend. Hopefully we’ll get enough rain to spur on some fall spawning activity.

Adult Isonychia

Many different bugs hatching these days. None more important than the Isonychia. Many fish have been taken this weekend on it’s emergence, which has been getting started around noon. There have also been good hatches of BWO’s in the morning. BWO’s love when fog sets up over the river. We have had days on end with that event happening on the big river. Seems the fish have only been interested in taking them off the surface when the fog is thick, otherwise PT’s have been productive subsurface. Large and small stoneflies have been around, Ephoron(white fly) is at the end of it’s emergence , but it’s the first time water temps were good enough to fish the hatch in 2 years.

Long time return client Mark DePrimo was back for his normal late September visit to Vermont. He and his wife love this time of year and we have become good friends. Depending on what time Mark is available, we seem to always have to figure it out and keep our eyes open. This time was no different. We had to wait until the waning minutes of the morning trip to notice a couple nice bows rising to Iso’s at the the tail of the pool.

It’s officially Autumn tomorrow. The Mountains are a week or two away from peak foliage and the Champlain valley is generally mid October. It’s already beautiful to be fishing in Vermont anytime, however spending a day on the water when the leaves are peak color is truly magical. We have plenty of availability thru the regular season of trout.

No better time to put some hours on the water chasing trout that are putting on their fall colors.