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River Report: September 14th, 2019

River Report: September 14th, 2019

Rivers around the state are in good shape…not GREAT shape. The TLC has Temperatures in the 50’s on mountain brooks and mid 60’s on the big rivers. Levels are below average, which they have been for most of the summer. We have been getting shots of precip, which is just a nice drink for the water shed. Clarity has been 100% and will remain for the next 7 days. Isonychias have been hatching in the afternoon, Blue Wing Olives have been busy on foggy/drizzly mornings and Flying Ants are still around much to the delight of some larger trout recently.

Fishing conditions should be outstanding in the 7 day outlook. The only problem will be a lack of rain. We have been behind in precip all summer, but luckily, not as severe as the previous two summers. This is a really important time of year to start getting some rain so spawning fish will feel good about having enough water in the system to move upstream. In the meantime, trout have been loving the cooler water temps, and with some good hatches occurring, putting the chase back on for larger fish in the big rivers. Isonychias , which are the last of the large may flies of the season, have been grabbing the attention of trout in all phases of the hatch. BWOs have also been showing up when conditions are right. Make sure you have plenty of flies to imitate all phases of this hatch throughout the fall.

Some important flies to have for the Iso hatch are: Para Adam or Slate Drake, Mahogany Haystacks for dries during the hatch. Prince, Zuggbugs and realistic nymphs are very important as fish feed readily on these all day. Killer sizes are 10-14. Flies for BWOs are: Para BWOs and SS Olives in sizes 18-22 for the hatch, loop wing or soft hackle emergers and Pheasant Tails or Olive Copper Johns for nymphs.

We are clearly moving towards the fall of the year in Vermont. Leaves have begun to change color in the mountains and some locations have had their first frosts. Water temps and air temps are coo l(most importantly will remain cool). Should be able to put away your thermometers for the rest of the year. Brook Trout are beginning to take on their spawning fall foliage colors. Our thoughts start to move toward targeting larger spawning fish. First reports of LL salmon should be coming soon.

Jamie Eisenburg and Ralph Kucharek have been doing a bunch of trips for us. They continue to put their clients on fish in some of the most beautiful places in VT. Brian Cadoret continues to give his clients opportunities at nice trout and has been the “Fun Facilitator” for guests staying at the WhislePig Farm. I have been been doing a couple of one day Learn to Fly Fish schools. All of our guides are instructors as well. They put forth the effort to help you become a better fly fisher as well as making the day enjoyable, even if the fish catching isn’t.