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River Report: Sunday August 11th, 2019

River Report: Sunday August 11th, 2019

  • August 11, 2019
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River conditions around the state have varied all week long due to scattered storms that have produced 3 inches in a single storm. The Lamoille river water shed received 4+ with 2 different storms last Wednesday and Thursday. These storms were more abundant to the north of the state so the Lamoille and Winooski are still run above average levels and clarity is stained to dirty.

The out look for the week ahead is awesome for this time of year. High air temps in the mid to low 70’s and night time lows in the high 40’s to low 50’s. There is a small chance of showers early in the week. the rain from last week plus cool temps this week will start to open some of the big rivers for trout fishing again.

If you have a thermometer and/or a good guide they will always help you find trout friendly water. I caught this brookie on a trib of the otter after the American Museum of fly fishing festival yesterday. The water temp was 62.

Brian Cadoret with a sweet bow from a different trib and water temp here was 59.

With the weather outlook the way it is, look for Isonychia’s to become a big player in the aquatic insect scene. Iso’s are the last large mayfly to emerge in VT. They start in the middle of August, get heavy in September and can still be found in early October. The fact that they come at a time when trout are starting to notice changes in there environment towards fall and winter make them even more important. Trout are like most animals living in the wild. They notice the water cooling and the daytime light becoming less as a sign that winter is coming so putting on the feed bag while the getting is good is needed for reserves during that time.

Iso’s come in sizes 14-10. They are mahogany in color. They mostly emerge during the afternoon hours. The nymphs are fast swimmers and move to the banks of the river to crawl out onto rock to hatch. This makes their presents easy to notice. They can be imitated by swinging and even stripping a prince or zug bug. Having a natural imitation of the nymph is very important as well. Trout love all phases of the Iso’s life cycle so having some soft hackle hare’s ears or muskrats are a good choice. As for as dries, having parachute Adams and mahogany dubbed para’s and Haystacks are great.