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River Report: Friday May 3, 2019

River Report: Friday May 3, 2019

  • May 4, 2019
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Not much has changed from last report. We continue to get to have cooler than average, rainy days. Not as cool as last weekend when some received fresh snow, and not rainy enough to shutdown everything. With air temps only getting into the mid 40’s we have had a gradual snow melt so far. There is still 6 feet of snow atop Mt. Mansfield. No rain for the weekend and a high of 68 possible on Sunday.

Water temps remain in the low-mid 40’s. Levels are high from the Winooski south, but just above average north from the 1/2 inch of rain they received today. I saw something the other day that we received at least a trace amount of snow, 21 out of 30 days in April and it’s rained the 1st three in May. Lucky it hasn’t come with any vigor, so clarity has been good to the north and more stained to the south.

April is always a slow month for guiding clients, but rest assured, our guide have been out scouting for good conditions and active fish. Ralph Kucharek has been chasing steelhead, Jamie Eisenberg has been hitting small stream wild browns and Brian Cadoret is always casting big streamers to big pike.

Tomorrow is the “official” Green Up Day in Vermont. For me, everyday is green up day. I always carry a bag to pick up stuff that shouldn’t be in my favorite places. If I don’t have a bag, I grab stuff by hand on my way out. It’s so easy and simple. This time of year, I carry two bags in case I need one for the fiddleheads, ramps and occasional mushroom that I come across with a day on the water. Have fun fishing and clean up something every time.