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Salmon Fishing Report 10/21/2017

Salmon Fishing Report 10/21/2017

I had the great pleasure to guide Jim, from southern Vermont, on this beautiful fall day.  He was up North for grouse hunting and wanted to squeeze a little salmon session in as well since he’s heard so much about the fishery and hasn’t had much opportunity to give it a try.   It only took Jim a few casts before a nice 20+ incher pounced on his swinging fly and gave an explosive jump before shaking the hook.  That salmon may not have been hooked but Jim sure was.  It wasn’t long before he was hooked up again and brought to net a quintessential buck with kyped jaws.  In total 4 fish were hooked and quite a few other swings and misses.  Not bad for a midday session under blue bird skies in low water.

Happy client and happy (wild) salmon, both released to fish again another day 🙂

Most of the fish we saw were smaller, 18-22″, but there were a couple bigger fish hiding in the deeper slots mostly out of sight and away from the bright morning sun. The  bigger fish we saw were not moving much which is a sign that their minds are starting to focus on spawning.  While the season in the North East Kindom (Magog Tribs, and other lakes) closes Oct 31st to protect spawning fish there are other waters like Lake Champlain tribs and other waters that do not.  I expect fishing to continue to be good for the next few weeks so contact us and book a salmon fishing adventure today!

As we approach spawning season make sure you keep an eye out for redds (nests), areas of cleaned off gravel where the fish intend to lay their eggs. You’ll see these in the tails of the larger pools, heads of smaller pools and pockets.  Try not to wade thru these areas and steer around the redds if you must wade.  And, if you see two fish cozying up to each other, and, or hanging out by a redd, try not to cast to those fish. They’re probably getting ready to do their business and if you leave them alone now it will increase the probability they will spawn and create the next generation of fish!  Any fish you hook make sure you play them to net, and release them quickly, to assure they survive the release.  Every spawning fish counts!