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Still feeling the love at S&B

Still feeling the love at S&B

  • February 26, 2019
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Brian Cadoret, Zack Grizwald with his fiancé Elizabeth and Jamie Eisenberg and I attended a Bridal show this last weekend in Burlington. We went as fun and entertainment vendors for people involve in the marriage and the planning of it. We get several trips a year with people who are involved in a wedding. Whether it’s a bachelor party or friends/relatives from out of town looking for something to do, or even the bride and groom,wanting to start a another new adventure that they can share for the rest of their lives.

We spoke to a ton of folks from every age group and every kind of reason why they were at the event. We had fun explaining why we where there to many. Once they realize how fun it could be for someone they knew, they became more intrigued. We didn’t book any trip on location, but we feel good about the future.

There are only a few days left on our February Deal. If you book a trip or purchase a gift certificate for a party of two, take $50 off the regular price ($350) of a half day trip. If you book or purchase a gift certificate for a single beloved  fly fishermen for a half day trip, take $25 off the regular price($200).  Since Valentine’s Day in not to far in the rear and it is mostly about women. we love the emergence of women in this sport. If it’s a purchase for a women take $50 off.