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TGIF 8/20/21

TGIF 8/20/21

August 20th 2021

Hope you get out and enjoy the recent 2”-3” of rain we just got over 3 days. It may have caused flooding in some areas but for central VT it was a perfect.

Nice bump from the storm

On August 1st we had amazing conditions and was finding water temps in the 50’s in some small brooks way up in the mountains! But by the 17th we were in a heat wave and the rivers were hot. So the last few days of rain were welcomed!

I’ve been having lots of fun throwing Hopper/ Droppers in fast water with a 3wt.The fish don’t have lots of time to decide if it’s a good looking meal so they just chase and explode on them.

Small trib Brookie near Killington

This weekend I hope to switch it up and chase some Pike. Last week the Otter had dropped to 300cfs and I got water temps in the high 70’s in Weybridge. But I’m sure with new water dumping in from the mountains it will be cooler and the fish hopefully are turned “on”!

Nice catch Eddie!

Lots of great clients in the August so far with some more trips on the horizon. Give us a holler soon for Fall trips as they are rolling in as well.

Looks like more rain heading from tropical storm “Henri” on Monday. This should keep

favorable water temperatures and great fishing conditions for the rest of August.

Caden’s first Bass !
Kelly and Courtney on a recent trip