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VT River Report 12/15/17

VT River Report 12/15/17

VT River Report 12/15/17

I got out today for about an hour on the Otter Creek. Looking out the window of my house this morning it looked beautiful. Very sunny and everything blanketed in 6+ inches of snow. However it was cold! 14 degrees but calm. I dredged some deep holes with a variety of Nymphs until my rod and reel were frozen up bad. I switched up to a streamer rod and fished the same areas with articulated Sculpins and Black Wolly Buggers. No dice didn’t even get a nibble or follow.

Most times out this December I’ve had great luck. This Brown hit a Copper John while searching for Steelhead in a Lake Champlain trib recently. Had a six fish day all on streamers on 12/7!

Other Stream and Brook guides have also been texting me some nice Winter Trout pics in the last week or so. John Synnott got a few on his version of the Prince also on the Otter last week.


I’m still targeting Pike but in the last few days it’s suddenly Winter! The flat water on the Otter is definitely starting to ice over. This photo was today.

It’s near impossible to target Pike when you arrive and find these conditions! Pretty soon the only open water will be below large waterfalls and dams.

A reminder you still have time to grab a Stream and Brook gift certificate for a Christmas gift!

Thanks stay warm, safe and keep on fishing! BC