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Vt River Report 8/10/17

Vt River Report 8/10/17

The Otter is in great shape for wet wading and Pike floats. It’s currently at 432cfs which is awesome because it’s been so high all Spring and early Summer. Many times as it dropped to around 1,000cfs we would get a big rain storm and it would shoot back up to 2,000cfs or higher. On July 1st was over 4,000cfs!

The water temperature just hit 70. Last week I was still getting temps at 66. Check the rivers daily as they could dip back down into the mid 60’s or get into the mid 70’s. Catch and releasing Trout in water temps at 70 or above is harmful according to many studies.

I had some friends and first time fly fishers out last weekend and I had them set up to target Smallmouth Bass and Fallfish. These are easy to find and catch in the Otter. You can use dries, terrestrials, streamers and or nymphs. They are great practice for anyone and it still takes a good cast, drift and hookset to land them. The water temp was 66 and we were surprised when Jenesica caught a big wild Brook Trout! It was mixed in with the Bass and Fallfish. It’s a good sign to catch them once in a while on the lower OC. After a quick photo we got a great release and a few high fives.

The Pike are definitely very active. I got out yesterday for about 45 minutes and had a few follows and spotted several hanging out in the usual spots. The best bet is to target them early in the morning as the Creek drops and clears up. Natural flies in Perch to crazy Chartruse patterns should be in your fly box from 7″-12″.


Look for the Otter to continue to lower and warm up. I would expect it to be around 300cfs by this weekend. This mean you will be able to fish area that have not been fished in months because it’s been so high.

Good luck and book a trip soon and let us show you around VT.