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Vt Toothy Critter Update (9/9/17)

Vt Toothy Critter Update (9/9/17)

Vt Toothy Critter Update (9/9/17)

All photos in this post were fish caught and released since last Saturday in Vermont on flies tied by the Vermont Fly Guys (Kevin Ramirez/ Chris Samson) and Expo of the NY Fly Guys.

Spring is the most popular time to chase around Pike and Musky for many good reasons but don’t overlook the Fall either!

Matt with a nice one that hit a New York Fly Guys tandem streamer on Wednesday afternoon. He is working on an article for Pike fishing on the Otter for DIY Fishing magazine. It was fun chasing fish around with him for a few hours. Check out the drone shot he got of me in my kayak.

A trophy Musky from last Saturday. What a battle from my Jackson Kayak Big Rig. It smacked a huge Black Game Changer styled fly tied by Expo of the New York Fly Guys!

The big fish are on the move and hungry! This time of year they are putting on as much weight as possible to make it through the long VT Winter!

As always use caution (very sharp teeth and powerful jaw!) and treat them with respect. Keep them wet and in the net when unhooking them. Have long noses pliers, steel leaders, a XL net, 8-10wt rods and tippet of 30# or more. Thanks BC


Changing flies on Monday afternoon.