April 11, 2024 Opening day report

April 11, 2024 Opening day report

With “Opening day” for trout being this Saturday, I did a scout of water conditions up and down the Lamoille River water shed. I found conditions to be typical for the beginning of the season. The TLC (temp, level, clarity) on Big rivers are just that, BIG and dirty. Small and mid sized streams and brooks have a bunch of water, but mostly fishable. Some on these tributaries were stained while others ran clear. As far as water temps go, they didn’t vary much. The main stems warmest was 44 degrees, while the tribs were 40 and 41.  
I only fished a little on sections that are open year round. No tugs on this outing.

There wasn’t much aquatic insect life, except for some small may fly nymphs clinging to the rocks. I typically try to imitate those by fishing Pheasant tail nymphs with a little flash. Small black stone flies can be found crawling around on the bank and hatching on the right day. These can be imitated with a little modification to the PT. 

Expect similar or even worst conditions for the opener. We’ve had warm temperatures so lots of snow run off, thus the chilly water temps I noticed. We have also had some rain over the past couple of days, which we are slated to get more of for the next few days. 

If you are getting out during this weekend, my tip is to work your way thru the color spectrum with big streamers, or small dark nymphs with a little flash or bright color. Work deep pools and soft inside seams slowly and as close to the bottom as possible.

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