Brian Zinger

Picture of Brian Zinger

It’s been said that I’m an outdoorsman. If I’m not participating in Family life, I like to be fishing. If I can’t fish, I like to hunting. If I can’t hunt either then I’m just thinking about fishing and hunting. I’m originally from Pennsylvania which is where I started fly fishing while attending Mansfield University, in north central PA. I moved to Northern Vermont in 1993 and was lucky enough to have two buddies teach me the art of fly tying. It was that first fish, caught on a fly that I tied, that brought me to this stage in life.

I launched several years ago. The mission of this site is to share my knowledge with other anglers about some productive local flies. (and maybe sell a few while I’m at it)

Teaming up with Brian Cadoret at Steam and Brook fulfills my mission. Now I can help teach anglers, new to the sport, some basic skills and watch them apply those skills to catch their very first trout on a fly. I can also show experienced anglers new waters in beautiful settings and maybe teach them a new technique or learn one myself.