April 28th, 2024

April 28th, 2024

Rivers up and down the state are in pretty good shape.  We haven’t had much rain recently and with below average temperatures are allowing waters to settle down from the rain and snow melt from last week.  We had a passing thunderstorm this morning that shouldn’t impact anything. The week ahead offers warmer temps, and only one shot of rain on Tuesday.

Moving into the month of May is when the fishing picks up. Water temps start to get into the 50’s, which triggers life in cold water species and starts the chain of hatching insects that actually entice fish to eat on the surface. 

Once the water hits 50 degrees aquatic insects start to get very active. The life cycle begins of hatch, mate and return to the water to lay eggs for nymphs to grow until this time next year. Fish get tuned into this activity and will eat all phase of the cycle.


The first may fly to hatch that gets fish transitioning from eating nymphs to looking to the surface for food is the Hendricksons.  The beginning of this hatch it’s still best to nymph or swing emerger patterns as fish are slow to move all the way up the water column. By the time this hatch is ending, trout are more vulnerable to dry fly fishing. This is when March Browns begin to hatch from mid May to mid June. These flies are larger(size 12-10) making them even more appealing This is when it gets good. Waters temps are now mid to upper 50’s so fish are even more active and feed aggressively on the surface.

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