Gift Ideas for all occasions

Gift Ideas for all occasions

If you have a fly fishing person in your life, let Stream and Brook Fly Fishing guide service make you the best Santa ever. Fly fishers always need or want something, which makes them easy people to shop for.

 Most experienced fly fishers love to get on the water with and experienced guide. So, we offer full and half day guided trips. These are great for folks with good skills, who really just need to have someone take them to a place that holds fish. Some want to continue learning from one of or professional guides/instructors. Many people hire our guides so they can learn new waters that they have been wanting to fish, or learn what it takes to chase different species like Pike and Bass, or how to extend their season by learning how to fish in cold weather.

We also offers 1 and 2 day fly fishing schools for beginners and novice anglers. These are great for people who want to get a good start by learning  from an experienced instructor. Novice anglers benefit by improving skills like casting and tending line. They’ll also learn strategies and techniques to put more fish in the net.
Every fly fishing person needs flies. We can't have enough, because we go through flies more than any other necessity in our vest. So, an assortment of their favorite flies are always welcome, and what a thoughtful gift on your part.

Some fly fishers are tired of purchasing flies and want to learn how to tie their own. I personally give fly tying lessons during the winter months for beginner and novice tiers in the Essex/Westford area; $50 for a 2 hour lesson. I recommend 5 lessons, so students can learn the basics for tying imitations of a trout's diet; dries, wets, nymphs, streamers and terrestrials.

Check out our website for more rates and info. Give us a call or email with any questions.

If you already are a fly fisher, or want to a be one, be sure to put some of these items on your wish list for any gift giving occasion. Also, check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see where the fishing is good in some of the most beautiful places in Vermont.




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