January 29, 2024

January 29, 2024

Watersheds up and down the state are variable. You will have to actually have to observe the location you wish to fish to see what the conditions are like. For example; the Browns river, which flows from Underhill to Fairfax, is frozen over with snow covered banks in Underhill, and wide open with easier access in Fairfax. Some rivers in the southern part of the state have way above average flows and deeper snow. 

Generally,  this time of year most sections of our rivers are frozen over. We are usually migrating to the ice for some jigging if you still want to fish. However, the ice varies from place to place as well. Use your best caution and safety measures.  The inconsistency of everything is obviously weather related. We've only had a couple of days below zero this winter. All the systems that crossed the country during January made it to us, but have either gone too far to the east or too far to the west giving us quite a roller coaster of temps and precip.   The 15 day forecast show it perfectly. Next 5 days will be 10 deg. above avg, 5 days after that avg or below, 5 days after that 10 deg. above. I think I'll go enjoy some other winter sports for a while.

If you are getting out, and there are places that are accessible and fishing well,  word has it that PT's and hare's ear nymphs in #16-18 are moving fish.  White woolly buggers and yellow Hornbergs are getting some looks too. What ever you are trying fish them slow and on the bottom. Tip: dead drift your streamer.

 This week's "Guide Fly" : Pheasant Tail nymph

This fly is great for trout and pan fish. It imitates many of the small mayfly nymphs that habitat in our waters. Dead drift PT's close to the bottom. At the end of the drift, let the fly swing up through the water column to the surface to imitate an emerging insect. Killer in size #14-20.   














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