May 19, 2024

May 19, 2024

Watersheds up and down the state are in great shape. The TLC (temperature, level, clarity)on most big river is mid to upper 50s, average level and every is run clear. Temps and levels are about to chance however due to summer like temps and not rain for the next 4 days. After that we get back to seasonal temperatures but still no rain. 

Last week we had several successful trips with clients. Most of which were beginners and many not only learn, but caught fish. All but one trips included a women. Every year we see more and more women entering into the sport and I for one love it. Women add a different level of excitement than men. As beginners,  they are amazed that after a 30-45 minute casting lesson that they can do it well enough to hit the water and catch fish. 

Lot of changes going on here n Vermont waters. Steelhead and rainbow trout are finished with their spring spawning. Steelhead drop back to the lake when they’re done. Rainbows drop back to the main steam of the river system and start feeding aggressively and taking dry flies. Pike are also finished with their spawn and are putting on the feedbag in rivers and on Lake Champlain . Smallmouth bass have replaced the steelhead as they have begun their spawn run. The spring trout stocking by fish and wildlife should be complete so plenty of opportunity to be successful.

Hatches of Hendricksons and tan caddis have been coming off regularly but trout have been a little reluctant to take duns, probably because is been fun sun during their emergence. Last week nymphs and streamers were still the way to get some action. 

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