April 23, 2023

April 23, 2023

Classic Brown

Watersheds around the state have been in excellent shape. The exception is the large rivers where snow melt has been high the past week. Snow melt will slow as air temperature will be back to average and below for next week.

In the meantime, we’ve got rain for the next 3 days, with a much needed inch or more in some locations. This rain should mess things up to bad. This time of year the ground absorbs a lot. Water temperature are still very chilly. Mostly either side on 40.

Last weekend was the Otter creek Classic. A 2 day catch/photo/release trout tourney with pro and amateur division. Stream and Brook guides had pretty darn good showing in the pro division. We had 5 in the contest and they all finished in the top 11.

Good friends, good fun

Fishing has been tough, except for the top finishers in the tournament. These good friends found that out on a recent 1/2 day guided trip. Water temp was 39 on the mid sized stream we fished. Level was a bit high and clarity was was about 2 feet due to heavy run off that day. Plenty of soft edges to slowly swing streamers and large nymphs.

We still haven’t seen much for steelhead spawning out of Lake Champlain. Red horse suckers have been showing up, so after this rain things should pick. Sucker spawn patterns should be a part of your arsenal going forward.

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