September 21, 2021

September 21, 2021

9/28/21 River Report

Fall is here and we are excited to get our clients out during some of the best fishing of the year. We currently have ideal conditions but hope for another bump of rain to get fish really moving.

Water temps are around 66 on the big rivers like the Otter and Winooski. Medium size tribs closer to 63 and little tiny mountain brooks in the high 50’s. Don’t throw away the river thermometers but with much cooler weather expected in the next 7 days the water temperatures will continue to drop. May even be in the high 30’s Saturday morning so bundle up this weekend.

Brookies are still looking up. Tried a tiny NHR trib this evening at dark and found many fish willing to inspect the “Usual”. You know it’s Fall when it’s getting dark around 7pm!

Starting to dust of the streamer box and 6wts. Really do need one more rainstorm of 1”-2” to kick the LL Salmon and big Brown Trout up a notch. They definitely can be found now especially for those who are good at drifting small nymphs but I prefer to strip large articulated stuff for them after a good amount of rain.

Still putting some nice trout in the net using the Hopper/ dropper. From natural ones like Joe’s Hopper of foam ones like the VW Hopper. Go to nymphs include the Golden Stone, Prince, Red Copper John and Zug Bug.

With the Otter finally in the mid 60’s the Pike fishing should improve dramatically. The river is low so I’m using smaller more buoyant flies to cover lots of water. This time of year Pike can often be found in shallow area around down tress, drop offs and along back eddys.

Lots of great clients in the past few weeks! Lots more on the books in October but we still have some open days for Trout, LL Salmon and Pike from Now though November.

Cheers BC

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