Fly Fishing School

1 Day School

$400 (1 person) + $150 (per additional person)
6 Hours (per day) 

Our 1 day school is geared toward the novice, someone who has experience, but is looking to improve their casting abilities and learn more on stream strategies and techniques.


2 Day School

$775 (1 person) + $225 (per additional person)
6 Hours (per day)

Our 2 day school is geared more for the beginner, someone who is looking to get a "soup to nuts" experience to learn all about the sport of fly fishing.


Stream and Brook provides fly fishing instruction on all aspects of the sport. Everything from  the gear you’ll need to get started, to  casting lessons, knots, simple aquatic entomology and the flies we tie to imitate fish food, reading the water, as well as strategies and techniques for a productive day on the water.

We offer instructional services for all ages and levels of experience. There are both introduction to fly casting lessons and fly tying, and 1 or 2 day learn to fly fish schools that cover everything from soup to nuts about the world of fly fishing.  Our instruction is designed to meet your needs while having fun learning.