Local Waters

Vermont offers some of the best fly fishing for trout in all of New England and our guides cover the entire state.  From Burlington we can get you onto Lamoille River, Winooski River, Lewis Creek, Otter Creek, or their tributaries with in a 10-45 minutes, and usually into trout shortly there after.  Around Middlebury we target the Otter Creek and its numerous fertile tributaries whose headwaters are teaming w/ brook trout, and many place you can potentially catch wild Brookies, Browns, and Rainbows in the same stretch.  In the North, we love the Lamoille River for its plentiful wild rainbows, big browns, and seemingly endless tributaries and their brookies.  Near the Canadian border and New Hampshire is the famous North East Kindgom.  Here the tributaries of Lake Memphromagog, upper Lamoille River, and the Connecticut River are some of the most scenic and serene waters in all of the state. The Green Mountains, run up the spine of the state where wild brook trout abound in the cascading brooks, meadows, and scattered ponds.

There’s more to Vermont than just our streams and trout.  Many of the same waters hold bass, pike, walleye, or seasonal runs of anadromous salmon, steelhead, brown and Lake trout.  We target these species,  starting in the falls and continuing thru the winter into spring, on Lake Champlain, and it’s tributaries, and those of other larger lakes.  Don’t drive all the way to Gaspe or North Shore Canadian salmon waters – instead book a trip w/ Stream and Brook and catch that bucket list Salmon.  Since these anadromous salmon and trout live in deep cold lakes with great bait fish populations, you stand a great chance of catching a fish in the 6-9 lbs range, and our guides know places where fish that go well over 10 lbs are frequent.

If cold water fishing isn’t your thing that’s ok.  As winter gives way to spring, the snow melts end, then spring rains and sun warm our waters.  This is when the northern pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass begin to seek out shallow waters and trophy fish on the fly are common.   We find these fish in big lake tributaries, and the miles of lake and pond shorelines across the state.  Pike over 40″, 5lb smallmouth, and largemouth up to 7lbs are common.

We’re not done yet, can’t forget those other often overlooked, or misunderstood species, that offer some amazing and exciting fly fishing – Exotics!  Jump in a canoe with one of our guides and let us paddle you around the flats where you can site cast to Bowfin, Carp, Gar, and giant sheephead.  Seeing these monsters in skinny water will excite even the most veteran anglers.

Vermont offers a diverse landscape with all kinds of fishing opportunities.  No matter where you want to be in the Green Mountain State, our guides can put you on fish!

Lake Champlain

Burlington, VT, United States

Lake Champlain out of Burlington, VT offers tremendous opportunities seasonaly.  Whether its bass in the summer, salmon and lake trout in the winter, or other species, fishing from the waterfront is an experience.

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Black River (NEK)

Newport, VT, United States

The Black river drains the northern portion of the North East Kingdom funneling cold clear water into the Irasburg/Conventry area before it slows and meanders its way into Lake Memphromagog in Newport.

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Otter Creek

Rutland, VT, United States

The Otter Creek is an amazingly diverse system which starts in the southern part of the state draining off the Green Mountains and flows generally north thru Rutland, Middlebury, and Vergennes before entering Lake Champlain.  The head waters of the Otter Creek and its many smaller tributaries might just feel like heaven.  As the river runs it course and gains size it only gets better.  Trout abound all the way through Middlebury and mix with bass and pike in the bigger sections of river.  Downstream of Vergennes the river connects to Lake Champlain and offers access to tremendous warm water species.

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Lamoille River

Johnson, VT, United States

The lamoille River is another scenic wonderland, very similar to the Winooski.  She starts in the NEK and cuts thru the Green Mountains picking up more and more cold clean water before flowing thru a few small reservoirs and ultimately into Lake Champlain.  All species of fish we the state has to offer can be found here!



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White River

Hartford, VT, United States

The White River is another big river that drains the east side of the green mountains into the Connecticut River.  An amazing trout fishery  whose headwaters are within striking distance of Middlebury, in the the heart of the Green Mountain national forest, and its main stretches are not to far from Montpelier and White River Junction.  Near the Connecticut river the trout mix with bass and other warm water species making it a great river for any time of the year.

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Winooski River

Main Street, Montpelier, VT, United States

The Winooski River is one of the largest in the state.  It’s headwaters drain from the edge of North East Kingdom and the Green Mountains adjacent to Montpelier and Barre.  Larger tributaries offer additional opportunity for big trout while most of the small tributaries have solid brook trout populations.  Trout mix with smallmouth bass and other warm water species, and seasonally will find salmon and other anadromous trout, in the lower river stretches.

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