Walk & Wade

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Full Day

$450 (1st person) + $125 (each additional person)
8 Hours 

Spend the day wading Vermont's many streams for trout, bass, or other species. With so many rivers, streams, and tributaries we can hit a lot of different water in search of target species.


Extended Half Day

$375 (1st person) + $125 (each additional person)
6 Hours 

Sometimes half day isn't enough and a full day is too long. This is the perfect option to find the balance, or extend your half day for a little more action.


Half Day

$ 300 (1st person) + $125 (each additional person)
4 Hours 

If your travels don't allow a full day of fishing book a half day trip and we can keep it simple and work a specific section of water, or maybe a couple areas.


Match the Hatch

$ 200 (1st person) + $125 (each additional person)
2 Hours 

Morning and evening bug hatches can be predictable and a lot of fish can be caught in a small window of time. Other times of year, the fish can be concentrated in one area making it easy to get on fish quickly. If you have tough schedule, or tight budget, these quick trips can be hot!